About Us


A new album is on it’s way! Stay tuned for further release information!

The journey of EXIT began when Beni Sax and the Haller brothers founded the band after they finished high scool in the summer of 95′. Andy Bieri joined the Band in 2002 after the first drummer left the band. Since then, the guys developed their skills constantly and the sound became intense, powerfull and aggressive.
Inspired not only by old scool death metal bands, but by thrash metal, hardcore or grind core as well, the band produced five longplayers and became an important act in the Swiss metal scene.

Due to their unbroken motivation to play shows, EXIT has made a name for itsself as a powerful and compelling live-band. In fall 2016 EXIT released the latest Album „Into Darkness“ through Art Gates Records, Followed by many shows in Switzerland, France, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia, Throughout the last years, the band had the chance to play with bands like Sadus, Massacre, One Man Army, Dr. Living Dead, Evil Invaders and many others.